Koalas hug trees to remain cool, says study

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Study found that Koalas have better reasons to hug trees; it helps them staying cooler in the hot weather of Australia.

A research done by University of Melbourne shows that hugging trees in hot weather keeps Koalas body cool as tree’s trunk temperature is cooler than the surrounding environment.

Natalie Briscoe, the lead researcher observed 30 Koalas with her team and found their body temperature through thermal imaging equipment at French Island in hot weather. Licking and panting keeps their body cool but they lose their valuable moisture in the process which leads to dehydration.

Natalie Briscoe found out that some tree trunks are 5oC cooler in hot weather which provides perfect amount of coolness for Koalas. Researchers said that due to hot weather in 2009, 25% of Koalas died.

According to the present climate situations, cooler trees should be grown for wildlife creatures so they can easily survive in their habitats.