Three killed due to shooting in Pasadena neighborhood

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pasadena shootingOn Saturday afternoon, a shooting in the neighborhood of Pasadena happened. Because of the incident three were killed. As per the police officials of Pasadena, the area is on tactical alert and the residents were already requested to stay indoors.

The police said that around 420 PM, the authorities got a call because of fired shots in Summit Avenue 1700 block.

Lt. Ed Calatayud of Pasadena Police said that the suspect was described as a man around 35 years old who was seen to enter a house. The three victims were from the same house either inside or outside the area.  There is also a fourth person who had minor injuries.

Calatayud said that the suspect was thought to move on his own. After a brief barricaded situation, he surrendered.

Following the shooting, the police also made house to house inspection just to search if there are other victims.